How could the NSW Government get ESL so wrong

In the article in insuranceNEWS on Friday 30 November 2018, it was reported that the NSW parliamentary Legal Affairs Committee, which held an inquiry to consider the impact of the abandoned reform "found the NSW Government’s failed implementation of [the reform] was a poor public policy decision, undertaken without adequate understanding of the complexities of the issue or the impacts of the proposed reforms.”

What beggars belief is that New South Wales where not the first state to remove the unfair tax which has been demonstrated is a disincentive to people to insure.

In fact they are the very last mainland state to remove the tax and even Tasmania has removed it from home owners. Queensland did it under Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen did this way back in 1986, and did is smoothly.

So how could the government and the public servants get it so wrong when they had so long to prepare for it and so many other states to learn from?

We at NoTaxOnInsurance can really only think of one reason: complete and utter incompetence!

We share the Insurance Council of Australia and the National Insurance Brokers Association's position on the levy. It needs to be removed and replaced with a fairer much more broad based tax to ensure that the emergency services in that state are adequately funded by all those that are protected by it.

The importance of the emergency services is being demonstrated in truck loads at present with fire fighters from at least 4 states tackling the 100 plus fires in Queensland.

Come on NSW lets do it and DO IT RIGHT!

Source: Prof Allan Manning - International Institute of Claims Preparers 12/2/2018

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