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Increases in NSW ESL leads to expected drop in insurance 28-05-2019Allan Manning
How can we make the Emergency Services Levy fair in NSW? 14-05-2019Allan Manning
How could the NSW Government get ESL so wrong 02-12-2018Prof Allan Manning - International Institute of Claims Preparers
ICNZ submits push to abolish FENZ on Insurance 16-10-2018 
Another report calls for removal of taxes on insurance! 01-05-2018
PolicyComparison New Zealand now comparing Pet Insurance! 23-04-2018Ashleigh White
Welcome Peter Oakman! 12-02-2018 
Support Rian Jenkinson riding for MS 11-02-2018 
Update 19-12-2017 
NSW Government continue to bend the facts 01-08-2017 
What is the NSW Government doing with the FESL? 01-06-2017 
QBE makes the move to abolish the ESL in NSW 04-04-2017 
New Zealand Government needs to abolish FSL on Insurance 23-11-2016 
QBE reduce Fire Service Levy in NSW 23-11-2016LMI
Axis Underwriting announce their approach to the changes 24-06-2016Axis Underwriting
QBE removes Fire Service/Emergency Service from Motor.... 16-05-2016QBE Comms
New Zealand and Tasmania still out of step when it comes 29-04-2016 
NSW Emergency Services Levy on Insurance abolished 12-04-2016 
Waste Management Plant Fire 10-10-2015LMI Media
LMI Appointed to building collapse claim 09-10-2015LMI Media
Supermarket Fire 10-09-2015LMI Media
LMI Appointed on Bakery Fire Claim 28-06-2015LMI Media
LMI Respond to Brisbane Storms 02-05-2015LMI Media - Steven Manning
LMI appointed to panel repair shop fire 02-04-2015LMI Media - Steven Manning
LMI appointed to Formwork Hire Company Fire 22-11-2014LMI Media - Steven Manning
LMI Claims appointed to fire in Spa Centre 17-09-2014LMI Media - Steve Manning
LMI appointed to restaurant fires 15-09-2014LMI Media - Steve Manning
LMI Claims Respond to Melbourne Storm 10-09-2014LMI Media - Steve Manning
Fire Service Levy to increase in NSW 07-09-2014Prof. Allan Manning
Steve Manning takes over LMI eServices 25-07-2014LMI Media - Gloria Lu
Well done ACT Government - reducing Stamp Duty on GI 07-06-2014Prof. Allan Manning
NSW Insurers reduce Fire Service Levy 02-06-2014InsuranceNWS
Victoria Government Reduces Fire Service Levy on Property 29-05-2014LMI Media
Call to reduce insurance taxes on Residential Strata 19-05-2014LMI Media - Steve Manning
QBE Lower Fire Service Levy in NSW 25-03-2014QBE Marketing via LMI
New Phoenix Award Winner - Grange Bellinzona 19-03-2014LMI Media - Steve Manning
LMI Appointed on Major Fire in Papua New Guinea 28-02-2014LMI Media - Gloria Lu
What cost to the community caused by NSW government delay 19-10-2013Prof Allan Manning
NSW Government delay removal of Fire Service Levies 02-09-2013Prof Allan Manning
QBE reduce FSL in NSW
Queensland Government puts Queenslanders at Risk 01-06-2013Prof Allan Manning
Milestone on FSL in Victoria 01-05-2013Prof Allan Manning
Victorian Fire Service Levy Monitor - Information 26-04-2013The Monitor
LMI Group awards two Phoenix Awards in New Zealand 15-04-2013LMI Media - Steven Manning
The Good News, the Bad News and the No News on FSL 18-02-2013Prof Allan Manning
QBE drop FSL rates from 5 January 2013 21-11-2012Prof Allan Manning
LMI's Prof Allan Manning appears on ABC 7:30 05-10-2012LMI Media
Prof Allan Manning appears on Switzer 13-09-2012LMI Media
Fire Service Levy Bill 31-08-2012Prof Allan Manning
Victorian Government finally announce changes to FSL 28-08-2012LMI - Prof Allan Manning
The Age comments on Fire Service Levy transition in Vic. 21-08-2012The Age Newspaper
Prof Allan Manning awarded Lifetime Achievement Award 17-08-2012LMI Media - Andi Edirisinghe
LMI MD Prof Manning appears on Dollars with Sense 17-08-2012LMI Media - Steve Manning
Speaking out on Fire Service Levies 19-07-2012LMI Media - Steven Manning
If the NSW Government get it so why doesn’t Victoria? 13-07-2012Prof Allan Manning
Why is the FSL going up in Victoria 08-07-2012Prof. Allan Manning, President of the International Institute of Claims Preparers.
Please have your say on the New South Wales FSL 07-07-2012Prof. Allan Manning
The Age continues fight on FSL in Victoria 30-06-2012Professor Allan Manning, President, International Institute of Claims Preparers
Broker: Fire Levy ‘a slap in the face’ 29-06-2012Insurance Business Online Australia
Victorian Farmers agree Vic Government fail on FSL 20-06-2012Victorian Farmers Federation media release
Effect of Clean Energy Act (Carbon Tax) on Building Costs 17-06-2012Allan
Well done NSW government on FSL 12-06-2012Prof. Allan Manning, President of IICP
Fire Service Levy threatens Premium Funders 12-06-2012Insurance News Australia
ICA media release on NSW tax reform 12-06-2012LMI Media - Gloria Lu
New South Wales Rural 08-06-2012Central Western Daily
ACT Government to remove Stamp Duty on Insurance 05-06-2012Prof. Allan Manning
Should Co-Insurance be deleted on Business Insurance? 20-05-2012Prof. Allan Manning
Tasmanian Government increases stamp duty by 10% 18-05-2012Prof. Allan Manning
Question on GST on Building Values & Gross Rentals 13-05-2012Prof. Allan Manning
Terrorism Levy yet another tax on Business and Insurance 13-05-2012Prof. Allan Manning
Federal Gov joins USA in milking the insuring public dry! 13-05-2012Prof. Allan Manning
Talk about missing the boat! 06-05-2012Prof. Allan Manning
Fire Service Levy could not come at worst time! 27-04-2012Dr Allan Manning - Managing Director - LMI Group
Victorian Fire Service Levy - the good news the bad news 22-04-2012Dr Allan Manning - MD LMI Group
When will the taxes on insurance go? 04-03-2012Dr Allan Manning
NIBA Tells Treasurers to Add Insurance 07-10-2011Insurance News Australia
Manning makes submission on Victorian Fire Services Levy 25-09-2011LMI Media - Steven Manning
Manning speaks at NIBA 2011 20-09-2011LMI Media - Gloria Lu
Manning speaks on Fire Service Levy 15-09-2011LMI Media - Gloria Lu
Fire-zone levy soars 30-08-2011Herald Sun, Tuesday, August 30, 2011
Increase in Fire Service Levy disappointing for Insurance 17-08-2011LMI Group - Dr Allan Manning
Victoria floats options for FSL levy
LMI Group's MD voted #12 in the top 20 most influential 15-12-2010LMI Media - Gloria Lu
FOS subscribe to all LMI eServices 19-11-2010LMI Media - Gloria Lu
Turning off Insurance taxes 09-11-2010InsuranceNEWS, Oct/Nov 2010
Victorian Fire Services Levy resolution in sight 05-11-2010Insurance & Risk Professional, Nina Hendy
NIBA thanks LMI Group for support on FSL fight 11-10-2010LMI Media - Gloria Lu
Another insurance tax goes, but more need to go 24-09-2010Dr Allan Manning, Managing Director LMI Group
The Economic Cost of Insurance Taxes 24-09-2010Dr Allan Manning, Managing Director, LMI Group
Inquiry backs insurance tax cuts
LMI Congratulate Mr Brumby on dropping Fire Service Levy 27-08-2010LMI Media
Brumby to Drop Fire Service Levy 27-08-2010Insurance News
Real Estate Institute agree Fire Services Levy should go 09-08-2010Insurance Australia News 9 August 2010
What will it take to see Sense on Insurance Taxes? 04-08-2010Dr Allan Manning
LMI CEO supports Bushfire Royal Commission Recommendation 31-07-2010LMI Media - Gloria Lu
Insurance Council Applauds FSL Call 31-07-2010Insurance News Australia Vol 6510 July 31 2010
Fire levy is in need of an overhaul 29-07-2010Ed Gannon - Herald Sun
CGU boss calls for fire services funding reform 26-07-2010Insurance News
NIBA held out few hopes
No relief to taxation on insurance following Henry Review 02-05-2010Various sources
BBC sends NIBA comments around world 08-02-2010John Heath - Insurance News Australia
Taxing Situation 26-01-2010Iris Lai - BestWeek Asia/Pacific
Panel call to scrap taxes on insurance 19-01-2010Sara Rich - The Australian
It's all in the timing 31-12-2009insuranceNEWS - Jamin Robertson
LMI Group's submission to the Bushfire Royal Commission 18-12-2009Gloria Lu, LMI Media
Abolish tax on insurance: Affordability for all Aussies 10-12-2009Julie May
Fire Services Discussion Paper Released
Victoria holds two FSL reviews 26-11-2009Thomson Reuters - Edition No. 1659
Minister defends premium imposts 26-11-2009Thomson Reuters - Edition No. 1659
Manning applauds Royal Commission's FSL Discussion Paper 18-11-2009Gloria Lu, LMI Media
Comment on Victorian Govt Green Paper on Fire Service Tax 16-11-2009Dr Allan Manning, CEO, LMI Group
Maybe votes cause fire tax rethink 04-11-2009John Heath, Editor,
FSL GREEN PAPER - NIBA is not entirely happy 04-11-2009John Heath -
FSL GREEN PAPER - The more than can be done pleases NIBA 04-11-2009John Heath -
FSL GREEN PAPER - More work on FST for Insurance Council 04-11-2009John Heath -
NIBA Slams Victorian Insurance Taxes 05-10-2009 
Insurance costs hit city fringe and country 16-09-2009Darren Gray and Erick Johnston
LMI CEO Writes for The Age 19-08-2009LMI Media
LMI appointed on Warwick Hotel fire 19-08-2009Graham Cox, General Manager, Claims Services Division
Insurance levy move under fire 12-08-2009Mathew Dunckley - The Australian Financial Review
Time to Re-think Emegency Services Funding 11-08-2009Dr Allan Manning, CEO, LMI Group
Fire services levy under tax review 03-08-2009Insurance
The bushfire story no one's doing 07-07-2009Michael Pascoe - The Age
How the Fire Service Taxes on insurance keep increasing 12-06-2009Dr Allan Manning, CEO, LMI Group
Government taxes double cost of insurance 05-06-2009Dr Allan Manning, CEO, LMI Group
Opposition says Victoria’s fire levy must go
CFA upkeep - call for review on insurance premiums 25-05-2009Riverine Herald
Fire Services Levy in Rural Victoria goes up to 68% 12-05-2009Dr Allan Manning, Managing Director, LMI Group
Uninsured may have died defending homes from bushfires 27-04-2009EBIX Australia (
Taxing Times for Insurers and their Clients 31-03-2009Inside Edge, March 2009
Fire Service Levy Burning Insurers 31-03-2009The Professional Adviser, March 2009
Time to Rethink Funding of Fire & Civil Defence Authority 31-03-2009The Professional Adviser, March 2009
LMI Group's CEO quoted in the Financial Review 23-03-2009Financial Review
The Age picks up LMI Group fight against tax on insurance 17-02-2009The Age
Keep your insurance cover afloat 17-02-2009Annette Sampson, Sydney Morning Herald
CFA Member Insurance Claim Hotline 12-02-2009LMI Group
LMI Group pushes the fight on tax on insurance to YouTube 06-02-2009LMI Group
iPART recommends tax overhaul 25-10-2008the industry - Australian Insurance News
Victorian Fire Services Levy 31-07-2008NIBA Gazette (July 2008)
Taxes on Insurance 31-07-2008NIBA Gazette (July 2008)
Victorian Fire Services Levy Changes 31-07-2008NIBA Gazette (July 2008)
NIBA Welcomes Proposal to Cut Insurance Tax, Edition 19 (June 2008)
Hard Fight on the way over Insurance Taxes, 5 May 2008
Stamping out the Extra Costs of Life Insurance By Laine Lister, 30 April 2008
Banging heads against a taxation brick wall, March 2008
Access Economics founder, Geoff Carmody, bemoans the tax burden 01-02-2008Insurance & Risk Professional, January 2008
FSL Rises in Country Victoria & NSW 29-01-2008NIBA Gazette, January 2008
Levy Rises again in Rural Victoria 22-11-2007NIBA Gazette, January 2008
A Predictable Problem: Under-insurance and non-insurance are recurring problems that have answers 21-11-2007Insurance & Risk Professional, August-September 2007
An Important Win for the Insurance Industry 21-11-2007Insurance & Risk Professional, August-September 2007
FSL Backdown: ‘Victory for Commonsense’ 19-07-2007Sunrise Exchange, 5 June 2007
The Real Cost of Fire! 06-07-2007CFA/MFB campaign, July 2007
Do you insure your property through a broker or overseas insurer? 06-07-2007CFA/MFB campaign, July 2007
Fire Grants Penalise Wise 14-06-2007The Weekly Times, 25 January 2006
The Effects of State Taxes on Non-Insurance 14-06-2007Extract from 'The Non-Insured: Who, Why & Trends', prepared by Dr Richard Tooth & Dr George Barker of the Centre of Law & Economics, for Insurance Council of Australia, May 2007
Fire Services Levy: up in country Victoria, down in NSW 01-06-2007NIBA Gazette, May 2007
Victorian Fire Services Levy: FSL Arrangement where the Deductible is over $10,000 01-06-2007NIBA Gazette, May 2007
Victoria's Iniquitous Tax Regime 28-05-2007The Australian Financial Review, 22 May 2007
NZ Fire Services Levy 'Outrage' 30-04-2007Sunrise Exchange, 24 April 2007
TAX CRUSADER: Loss adjuster Allan Manning maintains the rage over taxes on premiums 03-01-2007Insurance & Risk Professional, December 2006–January 2007
Bracks simmers as fire levy debate warms up 14-08-2006Sunrise – Electronic News Service 14 August 2006
Dutton backs insurance tax reform 14-08-2006Sunrise Exchange Electronic News Service 14 August 2006
Changes to the Metropolitan Fire Brigades Act 1958 and Country Fire Authority Act 1958 effective 1 July 2006 11-08-2006MFB / CFA CIRCULAR
The Blot On The Credentials Of Australia's Financial Services Industry: World-record Insurance Premium Taxes 11-08-2006 
Advice of Contributions Required from Insurance Companies for the Period 1 July 2006 to 30 June 2007 11-08-2006 
When a Government Tries to Outsmart Itself 05-06-2006Walter Spratt
A World Away 05-06-2006 
Personal lines should benefit from GST windfall 05-06-2006Sunrise Exchange
Victoria sneaks in a levy surprise 30-05-2006Sunrise Exchange
Victoria leads in Household Taxes 19-05-2006 
Tax pressure mounts on governments 01-05-2006Sunrise Exchange
Melbourne broker takes up the cause 28-04-2006Insurance News Australia
Study brings home tax burden 28-04-2006Insurance News Australia
How many bites at the cherry? 19-04-2006Insurance & Risk Professional
Victorian Fire Services Levy 01-02-2006Insurance & Risk Professional February - March 2006
The Fire Services Levy Yo-yo 01-02-2006Insurance & Risk Professional February - March 2006